Release Robot


Improving the widget on mobile

We've completed some work on the website widget so it plays better with mobile devices.

If your users open the widget on their mobile it will now go full screen - see below


Submenu layout

Because Release Robot is so versatile with interactions between projects, we’ve changed the menu hierarchy to make it clear where you are at all times. The new layout also ensures ‘project settings’ and ‘team settings’ are distinct from each other.

‘Team settings’ can always be accessed in the main menu, no matter where you are.

‘Project settings’ are the settings related to the project you’re currently viewing.

   New Feature

Hiding authors in the feed

By default each release shows the name of the user who published it, but in some cases you might want to hide it.

You can now switch this off at a project level in the Project Settings > Details menu by clicking the Hide Release Author checkbox.

   New Feature

Embed on your Website

You can now embed any Release Robot project directly on your website using our website widget. This is useful if you don't want your users needing to constantly check for updates.

There are lots of customisation opportunities with this also, for example, the widget can integrate with your user system and can track if a particular user has read a Release.


Project Pages

One of the primary features of Release Robot is the ability to manage multiple projects, and we've revised the workflow to allow users to see which projects need attention at a glance.

In previous version of Release Robot, users were unable to easily see which projects had new prompts. Using the new bell "alerts", and a card-style redesign, everything is clear and instantly accessible.